MealMeter Overview

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Caring for a sow herd is a 365 day a year job. Capturing the full genetic potential of today's prolific sows requires maximum feed intake at critical times in their reproductive cycle. Achieving this without wasting feed has been a near impossible task for even the most experienced pork producers. The MealMeter is instrumental in increasing feed consumption on every sow while at the same time greatly reducing feed waste.

The MealMeter is an ad lib feeding device that is inserted into a drop feed tube in gestation or via the PigEasy Boot in lactation. It allows the sow/gilt to eat at will, which is proven to achieve maximum feed intake for pre breed gilts, weaned sows, under conditioned sows and lactating sows. It is injection molded plastic and is easily installed and removable. This low cost addition to the feed system has high paybacks for your operation.

We also offer companion products that allow you to customize the MealMeter system for use in different environments. Learn more about the MealMeter system for lactation and the MealMeter system for breeding/gestation.

In order to use the MealMeter, each pen will need to have an individual watering system. Learn about the PigEasy SnoutSpout.

MealMeter System


  • Easy installation
  • Durable, Injection Molded
  • Can easily be moved between different stalls
  • Versatility benefitting multiple sow stages


  • Achieves maximum feed intake for
    • Gilts
    • Lactating Sows
    • Weaned Sows
    • Under conditioned Sows
    • Gestating Gilts & Sows
    • Cull Sows
  • Brings under conditioned sows into metabolic mode, helps to recover more quickly
    • Reduces replacement rate
  • Increases Parity 1 performance
  • Increases lifetime production
  • Brings incoming gilts back to full feed by Day 1
  • Allows conditioning to be done by 35 Day Preg Check – ready for pen gestation
  • Allows for staff to make adjustments to the feed level without feed going to waste