MealMeter in Lactation

Lactation Boot

Lactation Boot for MealMeter System
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A plastic transition tube that holds the MealMeter in place during lactation, the Lactation Boot's sleek design is easy to install inside or outside virtually any sow feeder and built sturdy for many years of reliability.

Features & Benefits

  • Angled back and flat plate allows for simple installation either inside or outside of most lactation feed bowls.
  • Durable, Injection Molded Plastic
  • Top will fit many hoppers and drop tubes. See PigEasy Hopper.
  • Ready for MealMeter installation.
  • Sloped interior design prevents bridging.

Sow Feeder

(sold separately, can be customized to fit existing farrowing head gates)

This bowl is a fresh approach to ad-lib feeding during lactation to achieve maximum feed intake. The innovative design eliminates feed buildup in corners and serves as both a feed and watering bowl, eliminating the need for a side water bracket and nipple.

Features & Benefits

  • Saves labor
  • Saves feed
  • Increases consumption
  • Increases production
  • Waterer and feeder combination speeds up eating time.
  • Made with stainless steel
  • Complements the MealMeter feeding device.
  • Narrows eating space, but is large enough for sow access.
  • Low mounting height and entry point
    • Gives long sows more head space when lying down.
    • Allows pigs the ability to enter bowl, acclimating them to waterers and feed
sow feeder for MealMeter System
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Bracketed Water Pipe

If you intend to convert existing sow feeders to the PigEasy system, we greatly recommend installing the Bracketed Water Pipe. By making the existing feeder their only source of water, the PigEasy system trains the sow to clean the feeder with every drink.

The unique bracket design makes adjusting the height of the pipe very simple. The Bracketed Water Pipe can easily be installed by drilling or cutting two holes into the existing sow feeder.

The water pipe is 20 inches in length.

Bracketed Water Pipe for MealMeter System
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Feed Hopper

Feed Hopper for MealMeter System
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The Feed Hopper for the MealMeter system in lactation holds approximately 25 lbs. of feed. Its deep neck fits snugly and securely in the Lactation Boot and the narrow wide design does not protrude into walkway.