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PigEasy, LLC is a family-owned company focused on increasing pig production, operational efficiency and lowering costs with a complete line of innovative products.
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Customers Love Our Products

  • We use the MealMeter in lactation with the feed hopper and like that the sow can eat at her own pleasure and don’t feel rushed when eating compared to regular hand feeding. We’re really pleased with the system.

    Tony Eickman
    Eickman Family Farms
  • We are a return customer for the Chuck-It Bucket. The large capacity makes the handling of afterbirth and dead piglets a lot easier and much more Bio-secure.

    Tosh Pork Logo
    Janet Maggart
    Tosh Pork-Herrondale
  • “The PigEasy products are innovative and have provided practical solutions to some management challenges on our farm. The products are well constructed and work the way they were described.”

    Stainless Steel MealMeter Nose
    Ted Frank
    Frank Family Farms, LLC

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