“I’ve tried others, but this breeding saddle works by far the best.”

Front view of the PigEasy Sow Artificial Insemination Saddle Back view of the PigEasy AI Saddle
Steve P8/9/19

“we love these they make work so much easier”

Anterior view of Gilt Artificial Insemination Saddle (AI Saddle)
AI Saddle User3/30/17

“Awesome product, speeds up the breeding procedure. Much safer for the tech to apply the needed stimulus with hands free operation. Worth every penny.”

Back view of the PigEasy AI Saddle (Sow Artificial Insemination Saddle)
AI Saddle user3/2/12

“Really sped up my breeding process and the sows even seemed to take at a quicker rate. Very durable!”

Side view of the PigEasy AI Saddle (Artificial Insemination Gilt Saddle)
AI Saddle user4/4/2012