Tops! IMO best breeding assistant on the market! Wouldn’t want to breed gilts without them!

Front view of the PigEasy Sow Artificial Insemination Saddle Back view of the PigEasy AI Saddle
QC Supply Customer, “Pigman”

Excellent customer service and products!

Leo Calligaro, L&MC Farms, Inc

“I tried two MealMeters for about 6 months prior to my decision and those crates consistently had more feed intake. We are now averaging 1 kg more at a minimum for the same lactation length. We are happy!”

MealMeter ad lib dispenser in lactation
Brian Aitcheson, H-9 Farms, Ontario

“We have the PigEasy Sow Feeder. It is by far the best feeder I have used and I have been in the business raising pigs for 34 years.”

Steve Hennen, Ghent, MN

“The SnoutSpout is working great. We have a few different styles of crates and they were easily modified to fit all. Very durable and mount securely.”

Tim Whipple, L&L Farms

“The SnoutSpout is customizable and simple to install. You can drill holes wherever you need them.”

Chet Mogler, Pig Hill Co.

“The feed is fresh in the trough, so you don’t have to scrape out uneaten feed,” Chet says. “(The MealMeter) has cut our feed waste by at least 5 percent.”

Chet Mogler, Pig Hill Co.

“The ideas Dave comes up with are amazing,” says Ben, referring to PigEasy’s founder, Dave Klocke, a pork producer from Templeton, Iowa. “I love the fact that PigEasy’s products work as promised. I look forward to seeing what they come up with next.” 

Ben Wikner, Wikner Farms

“I think the SnoutSpout is an excellent product.  It is easy to install, and once installed it stays secured.  It is very durable and I appreciate the reduced profile of the spout. There is nothing which protrudes into the crate and no risk of injury to the sow.”

Mark Townsend, Hartford City, IN

“I’m happy with the PigEasy feeders. You don’t have to worry about bad feed in the bottom. We’ve seen better feed intake compared to the other feeders we have used. They’re really a good deal.”

Sow Lactation Feeder
Steve Hennen, Ghent, MN

“Tagging with the ID Cart is way easier than tagging by hand and about 3 times faster. We have tagged around 8400 pigs with it and it still works great.”

tagging pigs
John Guikema, Snider Farms

We love the ID cart! We’re able to have one person tagging pigs versus two and cuts tagging time in half. It’s very user friendly, easy to use product that speeds up the tagging process.

Scott Wilson, Wilson’s Prairie View Farm, Inc.

“I’ve tried others, but this breeding saddle works by far the best.”

Front view of the PigEasy Sow Artificial Insemination Saddle Back view of the PigEasy AI Saddle
Steve P8/9/19

“Overall our results indicated that the [BrEasy] improved air quality in the barn significantly reducing both odor and ammonia, with reductions of 25 and 30 percent on average.”

BrEasy User

“we love these they make work so much easier”

Anterior view of Gilt Artificial Insemination Saddle (AI Saddle)
AI Saddle User3/30/17