BrEasy is a sliding baffle that focuses the pit fan’s airflow to draw out the coldest and heaviest gases from right above the manure line. Simply use the visual pit indicator and raise the baffles with a cable turn system. BrEasy creates a healthier barn environment for people, pigs, and pits with a rapid ROI. How? An ISU study found that BrEasy: reduces in-barn ammonia by 32%, odor by 43%. Additional trials found a substantial reduction in propane use.

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Meal Meter Feed Dispenser (pigs)

Caring for a sow herd is a 365 day a year job and capturing the full genetic potential of today’s prolific sows requires maximum feed intake at critical times in their reproductive cycle. Achieving this without wasting feed has been a near impossible task for even the most experienced pork producers, until now.

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Sow Feeder

The PigEasy Sow Feeder is a fresh approach to ad-lib feeding in farrowing for sow farms. Along with the MealMeter feed dispenser, the Sow Feeder’s exclusive design achieves maximum intake while eliminating feed waste. By serving as both her feed and water bowl, the Sow Feeder acts as a “dispensing regulator” for the MealMeter so she does not over-fill the bowl and cleans up her feed with every drink.

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PigEasy MealMeter Sow Feeder

GDU/Finishing Feeder

The PigEasy Gilt Development and Finishing Feeder is a “pig” intuitive approach to feeding gilts in the GDU and pigs in the finishing barn. Unlike any other, this system utilizes the patented MealMeter technology for an unparalleled, no need to adjust feeder. Its individual pans and divided eating spaces are designed to diminish feed and water waste while optimizing feed consumption.

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PigEasy SnoutSpout (logo 599 × 140)

The SnoutSpout is a no leak, double water nipple bracket designed for easy mounting to virtually any gestation stall divider on a sow farm. Made from injection molded glass-filled polypropylene, the SnoutSpout water nipple bracket is made to stand up to extreme conditions and many years of reliable use.

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PigEasy double water nipple bracket system(Front view)
Gilt Artificial Insemination Saddle

The industry leading AI Saddle (AI Plus) is an effective hands-free breeding saddle for artificially inseminating sows. The AI Saddle’s stiff strap and velcro hold bottles or bags upright for complete emptying while the breeding saddle applies necessary pressure to the sow.

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Gilt Artificial Insemination Breeding Saddle for inseminating
PigEasy PipePik Gestation feed tube cleaner (logo)

The PipePik is a feed tube cleaner for sow farms that can unplug and clean many gestation stall feed tubes quickly and with very little effort.

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PigEasy PipePik Gestation Stall feed tube cleaner attached to a drill

ID Cart

The PigEasy ID Cart is a simple and effective tool for quickly and uniformly tagging and tattooing pigs. Typically a time-consuming and fatigue-inducing chore, the PigEasy ID Cart eliminates stress on your hands and back with two foot pedal operated taggers. This allows the operator to use both hands to hold the pig for a more consistent and easy application of each tag or tattoo.

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ID Cart PigEasy tag and tattoo identification cart (White Background)

Boar Feeder

In a sow operation, the last thing you want to worry about is feed and water mess in a boar pen. The PigEasy Boar Feeder eliminates that daily headache for staff by giving the boar the opportunity to dispense fresh feed via the MealMeter feed dispenser throughout the day without waste.

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Boar Feeder system. Reduce feed and water mess by PigEasy. (front no background)

Chuck-It Bucket

The Chuck-It Bucket is a holding/disposal tank for daily removal of pig mortalities and afterbirth in sow farms. This stainless steel tank is specifically designed to adapt effortlessly to any skid loader or loader bucket for complete and easy emptying into an off-site dumpster or compost site.

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Chuck-It Bucket Pig Mortalities and Afterbirth Disposal Bin

Feedback Cart

Administering a manure feedback program with gestating sows can be a messy job, and it’s difficult to give the same dose to sow at the end of the row as the sow at the beginning of the row with a bucket. Now there is a cart that simplifies this sow farm task.

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Feedback Cart

Farrowing Crate

Every detail of the PigEasy Farrowing Crate has been developed for maximum worker convenience and ample sow comfort while working seamlessly with the PigEasy MealMeter System.

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Sow Farrowing Crate a Product by PigEasy (door open)
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