Farrowing Crate

Every detail of the PigEasy Farrowing Crate has been developed for maximum worker convenience and ample sow comfort while working seamlessly with the PigEasy MealMeter System.

Take the quick latch system, for instance. No one wants to lose a drop pin right as the sow enters the farrowing crate. That’s why we developed the “quick latch” with no loose pieces that could end up in the pit. The Quick Latch system stays in place and allows for fast opening and securing of the gates.

No pins also means setting up for wash out is a breeze. When not in use, the PigEasy Sow Feeder can be quickly flipped over and hung upside down on the front frame for quick yet thorough wash out.

Another goal of the PigEasy Farrowing Crate is to have plenty of access to the sow. With the European style side panels and Rump Guard Bars that can be removed even if the sow is laying against them, you’ll have the ability to reach the sow to provide the care she needs.

A farrowing room needs to be quiet. When a sow startles, the likelihood for lay-ons increase. Based on that reasonsing, we developed the PigEasy Farrowing Crate to be rattle-free. If one sow jumps up, the rest of the room doesn’t follow suit. This ensures a safe and quiet environment for both the sow and litter of pigs.

Installing farrowing crates is no small endeavor. With that in mind, we designed the PigEasy Farrowing Crate to be the last crate you’ll have to install. To achieve ultimate longevity yet remain affordable, the crate’s front and back frames are made entirely of stainless steel where corrosion typically occurs and the crate’s sides are made of powder coated mild steel.

The PigEasy Farrowing Crate can be quoted at 7’, 7 ½’, and 8’ lengths with various options. Please call (888) 354-0112 or email info@pigeasy.com for more information.

Sow Farrowing Crate Product (side view) by PigEasy

Features & Benefits

  • Rattle-Free
    Design diminishes rattling noises during sow movement, keeping other sows and pigs calm and comfortable
  • Loop Finger Bars
    Easy teat access and excellent pig protection – more animal welfare friendly
  • Multi-directional Head and Rear Gates
    Farrowing crate design lets you choose which side you’d like the front and rear gates to open
  • Flip Over Feeder Design
    The innovative “flip over” design allows you to hang your feeder upside down on the farrowing crate’s front frame for easy and complete cleaning. No longer will you have to walk around feeders on the floor or deal with the nuisance of water spraying back at you. The flip over feature ensures all the cleaning solution and water dumps out when power washing without needing to re-flip to wash the other side

    The PigEasy Head Gate weighs half of the competition so flipping and handling is easy for everyone

  • European Side Panel Design
    Maximum accessibility to the rear of the sow and pigs
  • Adjustable Rump Guard Bars
    Rump Guard Bars offer two adjustments for sows of every age
  • Heavy Duty
    The front and back portion of the PigEasy Farrowing Crate are constructed of 304 stainless steel for maximum durability in the area where most corrosion occurs

    The side panels of the crate are constructed of powder coated steel for strength and affordability

  • Quick Latch System
    Allows for quick access to sow without the hassle of pins

    Technician can shut front or rear gate with one hand

Farrowing Parts

The PigEasy Farrowing can be purchased in parts. See below for details.

PigEasy Crate Head Gate

Are you in need of a head gate and sow feeder upgrade, but your existing farrowing crates are in good shape? We have the solution. The PigEasy Head Gate can be customized to fit effortlessly onto your existing crate. Simply give us a call and be ready with some photos/drawings. We will design our head gate for easy installation. Call 888.354.0112 for more information.

Crate Fronts and Backs

Corrosion occurs in the areas where there is constant contact with feed and manure. If you need to replace some areas with stainless steel for added longevity to your existing farrowing crate, give us a call at 888.354.0112. We can offer up some solutions to installing PigEasy gestation pen parts on your existing farrowing crate.

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Some words from our customers will be coming soon. Have your own experience with the Farrowing Crate that you’d like to share? Submit a product review by using our contact form.



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  • Design diminishes rattling noises during sow movement
  • Easy teat access and excellent pig protection
  • Farrowing crate design lets you choose which side you’d like the front and rear gates to open