GDU/Finishing Feeder

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The PigEasy Gilt Development and Finishing Feeder is a “pig” intuitive approach to feeding gilts in the GDU and pigs in the finishing barn. Unlike any other, this system utilizes the patented MealMeter technology for an unparalleled, no need to adjust feeder. Its individual pans and divided eating spaces are designed to diminish feed and water waste while optimizing feed consumption.

The MealMeter is a removable feed dispenser that is made from stainless steel and injection molded plastic. Its stainless steel paddles are operated with the pigs’ natural rooting movement and never leaks with its positive flow design.

Individual eating and drinking pans allow each pig to fulfill all its needs from one source. This speeds up the eating and drinking process which greatly reduces aggression at the feeder. Serving as the sole feed and water source, feed is cleaned with every drink and ready for the next pig’s meal.

The PigEasy Gilt Development and Finishing Feeder provides every pig and gilt with the tools they need to be successful in your operation.

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Features & Benefits

  • Optimizes feed intake – No feeder adjustment needed
  • Diminishes feed waste – Individual pans reduce feed build up and water cleans with every drink
  • The sole feed and water pan – Speeds up eating/drinking times
  • Gilts are trained and ready for the MealMeter in breeding
  • Solid side dividers – Avoids aggression at the feeder, less variation in weight
  • 15” wide head space – More comfortable for larger pigs
  • Comes in various sizes depending on needs and preferences
  • Constructed out of 304 stainless steel
  • Replaceable plumbing/fittings
  • MealMeter removable for easy management

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  • Optimizes Feed Intake
  • Diminishes Waste
  • Easy to manage
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