PigEasy ID Cart

Patent No. 11,452,281

The PigEasy ID Cart is a simple and effective tool for quickly and uniformly tagging and tattooing pigs. Typically a time-consuming and fatigue-inducing chore, the PigEasy ID Cart eliminates stress on your hands and back with two foot pedal operated taggers. This allows the operator to use both hands to hold the pig for a more consistent and easy application of each tag or tattoo.

Developed with both the pigs and operator in mind, the PigEasy ID Cart’s large stainless steel bin will hold an entire litter of pigs and is also removable for sterilizing. Each ID Cart includes a tagging sheet that organizes and securely holds each tag along with shelves below the bin for extra sheet storage. The PigEasy ID Cart speeds up the task by neatly securing the tools and parts needed to ID pigs on the cart. Save time and energy using this quality, stainless steel cart.

Features & Benefits

Speeds up the process

  • ID Cart holds two foot-peddled taggers or tattooers so one can be re-filled and set while the other one is in use
  • Stainless steel bin accessible for quickly collecting each pig
  • Everything needed to ID Pig is within arm distance


Greatly reduces staff fatigue

  • Staff stand upright and simply step on the pedal to apply the tags or tattoos
  • Removes the repetitive squeezing that typically comes with IDing pigs


Uniform application

  • Operator securely holds pig and ear with both hands while applying tags or tattoos
  • Improved tag retention


Increased organization and efficiency

  • Multiple tagging sheets allow for tags to be completely organized before beginning the task
  • 3 shelves below bin hold extra tagging sheets so all in the same area
  • Upper tag sheet stand handy for second operator to quickly load the tagger
  • Pig bin large enough to hold entire litter for quick and easy gathering

Customizable for Optimal Workflow

Does your crew have additional tasks to accomplish while tagging? We can help! Add a scale to individually weigh pigs or swap out a tagger for a tattooer. Call PigEasy to talk through options. (888) 354-0112

  • Digital weigh scale
  • Tattooer
  • And more!
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Product Reviews

tagging pigs
John Guikema, Snider Farms

“Tagging with the ID Cart is way easier than tagging by hand and about 3 times faster. We have tagged around 8400 pigs with it and it still works great.”

Scott Wilson, Wilson’s Prairie View Farm, Inc.

We love the ID cart! We’re able to have one person tagging pigs versus two and cuts tagging time in half. It’s very user friendly, easy to use product that speeds up the tagging process.

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  • Speeds up the process
  • Greatly reduces staff fatigue
  • Uniform application
  • Increased organization and efficiency