Patent No. 11,684,038

MealMeter2.0 is a smart feeder designed for farm managers, barn staff, and veterinarians who want to monitor and improve the health and productivity of their sow herd. Our system uses sensors to track feed and water intake activity and alerts workers in real-time via the PigEasy dashboard if there are dips or irregularities. This allows them to quickly identify and treat individual sow issues.

By monitoring feed and water intake, managers gain valuable insights into the health and productivity of the herd. Run reports on intake data with MealMeter2.0’s dashboard tools to make informed decisions about ration changes, treatments, and culling. Eating patterns can tell us a lot about each sow’s future potential in the herd.

Sows use intuitive feeding behaviors to dispense feed and water from MealMeter 2.0. With its innovative design, MealMeter 2.0 simulates the natural rooting and drinking behaviors of sows, encouraging them to consume the feed and water they dispense. There are no complicated feed curves to set, adjustments required, or motors to maintain. The result is minimal waste and a clean bowl, ready for the next meal.

MealMeter2.0 is the smart and easy solution for improving sow health and productivity. Because EASY is BETTER.

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