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The PipePik is a feed tube cleaner for sow farms that can unplug and clean many gestation stall feed tubes quickly and with very little effort.

Feed tube plugging in sow farms can be a major issue, especially during the summer months. With the humidity, splashed up water and insect problems, plugging builds up slowly making it hard to detect. If it’s not caught right away, sows are without feed and can affect body condition. Once the plugged feed tube is discovered though, how do you clean it out safely and efficiently with the sow in the stall?

The PipePik feed tube cleaner allows you to unplug and clean feed tubes while standing upright away from the sow. Attached to a cordless drill, the PipePik spins a steel brush up past the curve of the feed tube where the vast majority of plugging occurs. Its handle allows you to maneuver around head gate rods to quickly get to the tube without disturbing the sow.

Running the PipePik cleaner with a cordless drill through each feed tube a couple times a year in your sow farm can eliminate feed tube plugging because it smooths out the inside of the feed tube where feed tends to build up. Its contoured design is easy to operate and works on virtually all sizes of drop tubes.

The PipePik is sure to remove your rust, dust and crust!

PigEasy PipePik Gestation Stall feed tube cleaner attached to a drill

Features & Benefits

  • Can quickly clean many gestation stall feed tubes
  • Unplugs feed tubes while operator stands upright
  • Keeps fingers and limbs away from feed tube openings
  • Prevents future feed tube plugging
  • Easy and efficient maintenance tool
  • Removes mold toxins
  • Allows cleaning to be done with sow in crate
  • Brush is replaceable for many years of use
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PipePik User Instructions

The PipePik was designed to provide you with an easy and effective way to clean feed tubes in the swine industry.



  • Use PipePik with a 3/8 inch cordless drill. ALWAYS use a reversible, slip clutch drill in the slip clutch setting.
  • Place the drill on 5/16th inch rod; tighten the chuck to secure the drill to the rod.
  • The brush must be retracted to insert in the tube. Have one hand on the handle and one hand on the drill, retract the brush until it stops or it is collapsed inside the PipePik . To retract the brush or to extend the brush, the drill must be rotating at the time – it can rotate either direction. Always retract or extend the brush while in a feed tube to ensure safe operation.
  • With the brush retracted, place the brush end of the PipePik into the bottom of the feed tube.
  • PipePik performs best if the speed setting is on the highest setting.
  • With the drill set on high, start rotating your drill and extend brush into the feed tube by pushing the 5/16th in rod down toward the bottom of the PipePik.
  • Extend and retract the brush several times with drill running to clean feed tube.
  • You may find it beneficial to change the rotation of the drill and repeat the process until the tube is satisfactorily cleaned.
  • Always retract the brush into the PipePik when done. You are ready to start your next feed tube to clean.
  • Periodically the brushes should be pulled apart so they are expanded far enough to work well in the feed tube. Only do this when brush is not attached to the drill and the brush has not been in operation.
  • Brushes may become worn. Only replace with PipePik replacement brushes. Contact PigEasy, LLC for replacement brushes.

Use of PikePik Warnings

Use of this product risks injury to themselves and others if the unit is used improperly or safety precautions are not used. Proper clothing and safety gear must be worn when operating this unit.

  • Safety glasses must be worn for protection when operating.
  • Wear snug fitting clothing. Loose clothing could become tangled.
  • Do not wear anything dangling that could become tangled (example: hair, jewelry, strings)
  • Brush has sharp wires. Keep away from your body and livestock to prevent injury.
  • Brush will become warm/hot after use. Do not handle when hot.
  • Moving brush parts can cause injury. NEVER operate unit outside of the feed tube.
  • When in operation, the PipePik can be loud and it is advised to wear ear plugs.

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  • Prevents feed tube plugging
  • Removes mold toxins
  • Allows cleaning to be done with sow in crate