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The PigEasy Sow Feeder is a fresh approach to ad-lib feeding in farrowing for sow farms. Along with the MealMeter feed dispenser, the Sow Feeder’s exclusive design achieves maximum intake while eliminating feed waste. By serving as both her feed and water bowl, the Sow Feeder acts as a “dispensing regulator” for the MealMeter so she does not over-fill the bowl and cleans up her feed with every drink.

The outdated “big bowl” sow feeder was designed decades ago to hold mounds of feed when the swine industry was solely hand feeding in farrowing. With feeding ad-lib, a sow drops a small amount of feed at a time. All this extra space in these “big bowls” means feed begins to build up and eventually require cleaning.

Get rid of the “big bowl” mentality in farrowing and stop spending time throwing feed away. The PigEasy Sow Feeder has a more focused feeding area while giving her plenty of head space. Feed does not build up in the Sow Feeder because there are no hard to reach deep corners. Dispensed feed naturally lands in the center of the feeder and as she presses up on the button nipple to drink, water is cleaning up that area so it is ready for the next time the sow is ready to eat.

Save time and money on an extra side water bracket and fittings because the PigEasy Sow Feeder serves as the sow’s only source of water. This ensures she uses the water pipe in the bowl while at the same time greatly reduces water waste. With water not able to spray back, her pigs stay dry and healthy.

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PigEasy Sow Lactation Feeder

Features & Benefits

  • Saves labor with no sow feeders to clean
  • Eliminates feed and water waste
  • Increases feed consumption in farrowing
  • Increases production
    – Better milk production
    – Sow leaves farrowing in condition and ready to be rebred
  • Waterer and feeder combination speeds up eating time
  • Only source of water – can’t spray pigs in summertime
  • Made with 304 stainless steel – will stand up to years of use
  • Complements the MealMeter feeding device.
  • Focuses eating space, but is large enough for sow access
  • Low mounting height and entry point
    – Provides long sows more head space when lying down
    – Allows pigs the ability to enter bowl, acclimating them to waterers and feed
  • Low tech, no electronics needed to optimize intake
  • Hole knock-out on either feeder side, ready for MealMeter installation
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Product Reviews

MealMeter ad lib dispenser in lactation
Brian Aitcheson, H-9 Farms, Ontario

“I tried two MealMeters for about 6 months prior to my decision and those crates consistently had more feed intake. We are now averaging 1 kg more at a minimum for the same lactation length. We are happy!”

Steve Hennen, Ghent, MN

“We have the PigEasy Sow Feeder. It is by far the best feeder I have used and I have been in the business raising pigs for 34 years.”

Ben Wikner, Wikner Farms

“The ideas Dave comes up with are amazing,” says Ben, referring to PigEasy’s founder, Dave Klocke, a pork producer from Templeton, Iowa. “I love the fact that PigEasy’s products work as promised. I look forward to seeing what they come up with next.” 

Sow Lactation Feeder
Steve Hennen, Ghent, MN

“I’m happy with the PigEasy feeders. You don’t have to worry about bad feed in the bottom. We’ve seen better feed intake compared to the other feeders we have used. They’re really a good deal.”

Tony Eickman
Eickman Family Farms

“We use the MealMeter in lactation with the feed hopper and like that the sow can eat at her own pleasure and don’t feel rushed when eating compared to regular hand feeding. We’re really pleased with the system.”

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  • Saves labor
  • Saves feed
  • Increases consumption
  • Increases production