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Ventilating with Pit Fans

Those of us who utilize pit fans conduct “the nose test” when walking through the barns. The nose test determines ventilation rates by what your nose and eyes are telling you. This is not a perfect tool, but likely the most efficient and effective way to set your fan speed. When our nose and eyes are telling us it’s gassy in the pig space, we increase our ventilation rates to remove the bad gases with pit fans. However, how much “good air” is pulled out of the barns when ventilation rates are increased, especially in the wintertime? Clean, heated air leaving barns during cold weather is like a never-ending hole in producers’ pockets.

We have found that while we manage this via fan speeds, the amount of air pulled from the building is not the issue. The issue is where it is being removed. Pit fans alone simply aren’t removing what their name implies. While the goal with pit fans is to remove air from the pit, a typical pit fan is pulling air from the middle of the air space, or closest point, causing gases in the pit to mix and circulate with the air above the slats.

It’s time for pit fans to do the job they were set out to do; to remove air from the pit while leaving air from the pig space untouched. Pit fans can now work effectively with BrEasy targeted ventilation.

BrEasy is a movable plastic baffle with stainless steel railings. It is installed between the pit fan and pit wall opening. BrEasy focuses the pit fan’s airflow to draw out the coldest and heaviest gases from right above the manure line. BrEasy is easily managed with a visual pit indicator and cable turn system. The plastic baffle can be removed and stored when the manure level is high enough. No modifications to the existing pit fan are necessary.

BrEasy is practical targeted ventilation with proven benefits for people, pigs, and pit environment with a rapid return on investment (ROI).

How BrEasy Works in Hog Barns

With the BrEasy, gases are pulled from right above the manure line. Therefore, the coldest, most toxic (heaviest) gases are removed. The warm, ventilated good air remains in the barn. Because there is less overall air movement, there is more control of the barn environment at the pig level. Using the BrEasy, keeps the manure in an aerobic state. This is important because 90 percent of manure microbial activity occurs in the top one-foot layer.

Better air quality is known to improve pig health and barn operator environment. An ISU study determined that BrEasy greatly reduces in-barn ammonia and overall odor levels. A commercial test study conducted in southern Minnesota, from January to May 2018, demonstrated that the BrEasy significantly reduces propane use during the coldest months of the year.


  • Movable plastic baffle with Stainless steel railings and brackets for added longevity
  • Plastic baffle can be removed and stored when manure is high enough
  • Easily managed with a visual pit indicator and cable turn system
  • Focuses the air flow to right above the manure line
  • No modifications needed to the existing pit fans



  • Consistently better air quality
  • Heaters run less – less temperature variation
  • Decrease in carbon monoxide
  • Fewer drafty areas
  • Drier environment
  • Less eyes/ears/nose irritation


  • Lower minimum fan speed, less heater requirement
  • Decreased propane usage
  • Slats warm up and dry off faster after wash down


  • Closes off open pump out
  • This stops the backflow of air into the barn
  • Decreased “gas release”
  • Safer for pigs and people
  • Less stress on animals


  • With removal of heavy gas, aerobic bacteria flourish
    –  Aerobic bacteria growth is due to access to air
    –  Keeps manure surface liquified
  • Less pit crusting minimizes the nuisance of flies
  • Better environment for microbes to flourish year round
  • Enhances pit additive effectiveness
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BrEasy User

“Overall our results indicated that the [BrEasy] improved air quality in the barn significantly reducing both odor and ammonia, with reductions of 25 and 30 percent on average.”

BrEasy Installation Instructions

The BrEasy is designed to provide you with an easy and effective way to improve the air quality in your barns – easy to install, easy to manage.

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